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Vital Shot Testimonials

I have watched all the OakSturdy products come together from the first mock up to the current product. I had my doubts when they first were being built. However after demoing the Vital Shot Gun Rest and seeing all the changes and how the products have come together over the last year, I am sold. I tell all my buddies to check out OakSturdy, very good products.

-James Watkins 

The Vital Shot Gun Rest is awesome, I use shot gun and muzzle loader hear in Iowa and need a solid rest in my tree stand in order to shoot accurately at any distance and this product make a 200 yard shot seem like 25 yards. I will have this with me in every tree stand. Can’t wait to hunt from it.

After using the OakSturdy™ Gun Rest it is a must have for the tree stand hunter. The gun rest is solid and versatile. The Octopus bow holder being a bonus. I will have them in all of my tree stands.
- Nic Segebrecht

I am someone that does not always gun hunt from a tree stand because I like to have a good rest for those shots that are farther out. The OakSturdy™ gun rest took care of that problem for me. It’s easy to install and even easier to use. By buying additional brackets, one pull of the pin and you are on to the next tree. Now I can gun hunt from trees that I normally wouldn’t even consider putting a stand in.
- Steve Segebrecht

I have never considered using a hand gun from a tree stand until I used the Oak Sturdy™ gun rest. It makes holding the handgun easy. I like the fact, that when using a rifle, the gun just sits in the rest within hand reach while waiting for the big one to appear.
- Joe Prazake